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Toilet Installs

Houston Plumber, on Toilets and Commodes

A toilet is a toilet right? Not much to consider other than how much does it cost to have a toilet installed in Houston and what does it look like? Right? Well there are some other considerations that are equally as important as cost and aesthetics.


While there are several thousands of different types of toilets and commodes on the market, some of which are manufactured right here in Houston, they are not a one-size-fits-all. The fact is that the finished rough-in (distance from the wall and the center of the sewer drain) will vary. Most are set at 12 inches but when you are installing your toilet you need to make sure what the finished rough-in is before making your purchase.  Another consideration is the length of the bowl. Some commodes have elongated bowls. These tend to be most favorable; however, they measure up to thirty-one inches in length and may not fit as well as a round bowl. Furthermore, they tend to cost more than their shorter predecessors. And then there is the comfort factor. How tall do you want your commode to be?

“For taller people … [taller toilets are] more comfortable,” says Suzie Williford, National Kitchen & Bath Association vice president and manager of luxury products at Kiva Kitchen & Bath in Houston, Texas.

The taller the toilet the easier it is to get up and down from. This may make or break your decision. The standard fixture height is approximately 14 inches; however, many manufacturers are offering taller fixtures to accomodate more selection in height.


Toilet Installation Houston TexasAgain, there are many options for you to choose from. A two-piece commode simply consists of a tank that bolts on top of the bowl. These are most commonly seen in the average Houston home. Then there are one-piece toilets that are fused into one piece as the name suggests. To add to the selections there are also wall mounted toilets. These can be very costly because they require a thicker wall to which the bowl is attached and the tank is concealed. And then there are color choices and shapes that will have to be considered before making a selection.


When you are talking about flushing capabilities you want the flushing power of an airplane toilet at 30,000 feet! The last thing you want to do is stand around  and wait for the tank to refill for a double or triple flusher (there are diets that can help this problem too). But in all seriousness, you want your toilet to flush on command! We often joke about how congress gets in the way of everything in America, but did you know that the beuracrats have actually played a role in how well your toilet bowl flushes.

According to one article from HGTV, “Before 1994, typical toilets used 3.5 gallons of water per flush. Then Congress, in an effort to conserve resources, reduced the amount of water newly manufactured toilets could flush to 1.6 gallons per flush. Unfortunately, the first generation of low-flow toilets couldn’t get the job done, and that’s a stigma these commodes are still trying to shake more than a decade later. Manufacturers have since introduced low-flow toilets that work well, using either a gravity or power-assisted flush.”

Having the right kind of toilet that flushes when you need it too can be accomplished by your choice of toilet. If you need help in choosing a toilet or commode that flushes well, let one of our Houston plumbers help you out with your choice.

Here are few options for types of toilets:

Dual Flush

  • Uses a full 1.6-gallon flush for solid waste and a lesser amount for liquid waste.
  • Smaller water spout than conventional U.S. design, and flow of water doesn’t keep bowls as clean.
  • Somewhat noisier than standard designs.
  • Fewer models to choose from.


  • Chops up waste and pumps it under pressure through an evacuation line.
  • Can be installed below grade and pump effluent as much as 12ft. vertically and 150 ft. horizontally.
  • Doesn’t need below-the-floor plumbing.
  • Wall-mounted models are available with hidden macerator and water reservoir.
  • More expensive than standard designs

Pressure Assist

  • Common in restaurants, gas stations, and other commercial venues where reliable flush is a must.
  • Borrows water pressure from supply lines to help power flush or uses small electric motor.
  • More expensive and noisier than a conventional toilet.
  • More difficult to repair than standard designs.


If you need a Houston plumber to install your toilet or commode you need the expertise of Houston plumber, can help you decide which toilet is right for you and can have your toilet installed very quickly and efficiently. If you try to do this project on your own and need some advice read our article on DIY Toilet Installation. But if you want it done right, and guaranteed, contact Houston plumber,

The bottom line is that we will get it done and get it done right!

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